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You were born with everything you need to be successful.

-Veronica Armstrong

Hi, I’m Veronica 

I’m a life and leadership coach for women. My coaching helps you sharpen your self-awareness, build relationships, develop skills and strategic agility so that you can make more effective decisions.I provide a safe environment where you can explore who you are as a leader and understand your “why.” I challenge you to face your fears and believe in yourself. Through in-depth values work, I help you to understand what drives you and your decisions. Through focused conversation, I support you to gain clarity, build confidence, develop creative solutions and craft a meaningful action plan to help you become an exceptional leader.

What They’re Saying…..

“I loved the energy that Veronica brought to the table each and every time we connected. She never judged but allowed me to say and do what I felt was necessary. And in the process, she was able to help guide me to be a better version of myself.”

Payton //  R&D Manager

“Veronica helped me realize how much I was fighting my instincts and values in my professional career. Instead of entertaining my reasoning with why nothing I was doing was working, Veronica guided my intuition allowing me to come to the realization that the frustration I was facing was a direct result of me trying to make excuses and ignoring my instincts.”

Andrea //  Brand Manager

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