Your Leadership Potential

Congratulations!  Your responses indicate that you are likely the go-to for special projects because you can be trusted to get the job done. You want to contribute to the success of your team or, so you push yourself hard to achieve. You’re positive, personable and well-liked by many on the team. You also motivate and encourage others to perform because you know how important success is if you want to achieve your goals. Your peers trust you because you’re a good listener and you look for the good in everything and everyone. You know the importance of building relationships and find it easy to do so. You’re an all-around person who is destined to do big things.

If you’re not already in a leadership role, you’re an “emerging” leader. Emerging leaders are talented up and coming managers or leaders who are high achievers and consistently outperform their peers. You’re the consummate team player, but you strive to make an impact on your organization and the world around you. You can influence your peers and mobilize them around a common cause. You also have an amazing ability to seek solutions rather than complain about problems. You are confident working independently, but you are less interested in blending in with the status quo. You’re open, coachable and teachable.

Your Greatest Challenges

Comparing yourself to others – In the age of social media, emerging leaders find themselves comparing the number of likes on a post, their number of connections and accomplishments to their peers.  STOP IT!  Everyone’s purpose in life is different, which means you could miss out on creating a meaningful and fulfilled life if you focus on what others are doing or try to follow in their footsteps.  It’s okay not to be in the same place as your peers.  Just focus on defining your purpose and creating goals that will lead you toward living your best life.

How To Stay Motivated

Identify your strengths and make sure you use them regularly. The more you use your strengths, the happier you will be, the better results you’ll produce and the more motivated you will be.

Take the opportunity to identify your personal values. Personal values are the principles, beliefs, and standards that you live by. They are your compass or GPS that influence your decisions and shape your view of the world around you. The more familiar you are with your core values, the better you will be at making decisions that align with you who you are. The more you live by your values, the happier you will be. Next Steps

Since you already exhibit leadership potential, it’s imperative you continue to build a strong foundation of entry-level leadership skills so that you’re ready when opportunity knocks. Maximizing your leadership skills can positively impact your professional and personal life and lead to a meaningful career in leadership. Developing your skills is one of the surest ways to enhance many aspects of your life.  

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After you’ve answered the questions, it’s time for you to create an action plan to help you implement the steps necessary to move forward.

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