Why Driving For Results Is The Secret To Your Success

A drive for results means consistently maintaining high levels of productivity, stamina, effectiveness and determination.

Have you ever worked on a team where the leader was determined to do everything right and refused to miss a deadline?

No matter how unreasonable the task and how much time and effort it took to complete, the manager never let up until the task was complete?

Well, if you know some like this, you’re not alone. Many of us have worked for managers who no matter how unreasonable, the manager was determined to complete the task no matter what.

That drive to get the job done was likely that managers’ ability to drive for results, which is a key skill possess if you desire to be a leader.

What is a drive for results?

Having a drive for results means consistently maintaining high levels of productivity, stamina, effectiveness, and determination. It also means not giving up when completing a task, even in the face of adversity or resistance. It means taking personal responsibility and always looking for ways to improve. And last but not least, it means being determined to produce positive outcomes for all key stakeholders. The reason this skill impedes the performance of some leaders is that they are capable of producing positive results. However, they don’t necessarily consider all key stakeholders when producing those outcomes.

Why does it matter that a leader can drive for results?

1. It supports their ability to set priorities and keep their team focused.

2. It supports their ability to meet, if not exceed goals, and it ensures that tasks are completed.

3. It can affect a business or a company’s bottom line.

Five Ways Aspiring Leaders Can Drive Results

1. Take action that leads to achieving or exceeding goals.

2. Show determination and commitment to meeting or exceeding goals set by your leader or others.

3. Keep track of your performance. When you keep track of your performance, you know where you are. Also, set personal goals for yourself that are higher than the goals set by your leader and or others, because doing so will keep you motivated.

4. Take actions that lead to improvements in performance and processes.

5. Make sure you encourage others to do the same. It shows your level of commitment and dedication to the success of not only your team but also your organization.

Five Ways Supervisors/Managers Can Drive Results

1. Set stretch goals for yourself and others. A high level of performance will improve outcomes.

2. Constantly push yourself and your team to meet if not exceed goals.

3. Find ways to keep moving forward, meaning don’t let anything get in your way.

4. Challenge poor performance whenever it impacts the bottom.

5. Complete projects on time. This is a big one. As leaders, if you’re not completing projects on time, you’re holding the business back or slowing progress.

What are the causes of a poor drive for results?

1: Procrastination.

Procrastination is putting things off. So, if having a healthy drive for results means that you are committed and dedicated to achieving or exceeding goals, then that’s the opposite of putting something off or delaying it.

2: Lack of courage

Having a lack of courage means not having the intestinal fortitude to face challenges or resistance head-on. Instead, you cower in a corner or you acquiesce to someone else’s demands or ideas.

3: Lack of focus

Not being focused means you’re scattered and you’re not focusing on the right things.


1. Having a healthy drive for results means you don’t stop before you’re finished. You keep moving in the face of adversity and resistance.

2. A healthy drive for results helps leaders set priorities and keep their teams focused on the right activities.

3. People with a healthy drive for results are bottom-line oriented.

4. Procrastination is a root cause of poor drive for results.

5. A poor drive for results can affect the company’s bottom line.

If I didn’t have a strong and healthy drive for results, I would not have accomplished the things that I’ve achieved.

Now you know what it means, what it looks like, and maybe you’re at a point where you’re saying you do need to do some more work on your drive for results.

Here is a link to a book that’s an oldie but goodie that you’ll love. It’s by the Harvard Business Review and it’s called “Leadership that gets results“.

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